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"I don't-a get it. Why do you always a-try to get a-me and Feliciano together, I hate-a that imbecile!"

"You don't mean that, Lovi..."

"Yes, I do a-mean it! I hate him and his damned potato-eater boyfriend, the one with the constipated face and the over-a-compensating muscles... And don't-a call me that! I swear, you're-a gonna drive me crazy with that!"

You sighed, knowing it was best not to argue Feli's sexual orientation with his older brother, who refused to be convinced of anything, ever. You did not think the relationship between the German and the Northern Italian was anything like that, but Lovino obviously thought different. Once he had told Feli, straight to his face, 'If he's-a so great and-a wonderful and his-a food doesn't suck so much, why don't you two go off to-a stupid, boring Germany and get-a married?!" Feli, being as innocent and guileless as he is, would have asked Ludwig if they could be joined in holy matrimony if you hadn't been there to stop him, to tell him Lovino was just being a sarcastic butthead.

It was also no use in arguing his feelings towards Feliciano.

On one hand, the worst form of 'hate' he ever felt towards the sweet, bubbly boy was the abandonment he put him through. Lovino and Feliciano had grown up in seperate homes, Feli in Austria with Mr. Roderich Edelstein, and Lovi in Spain with Toni Carriedo. They were raised apart from each other, and because of this, the brotherly love and affection isn't spread as much as it should be. Lovino blames Feli, despite the fact that he treats his brother with the same indifference - if not, animosity - that he receives.

On the other hand, Lovino was very jealous of Feliciano's life, his talents, his friends. He felt inferior to his younger brother, and nothing anyone could say to him could change his mind. Besides, whenever you brought it up to him, he would make a point that you didn't know how to read minds, 'so you should-a stop acting like you knew-a everything about-a anything.'

Driving to Feliciano's art show, which Lovino hadn't wanted to go to, was a lot more difficult than it needed to be. Traffic had been terrible, with the weather calling for rain, and of course as soon as someone hears a little thunder, nobody knows what to do with themselves on the road. Including Lovino, sadly. His road rage had gone as far as him leaning out of the window, shaking his fist and screaming at an old man, "GET THAT-A BUCKET OF BOLTS PIECE A' SHIT INTO THE SLOW LANE! A-MOVE IT!!"

'The bad luck ain't a-letting up,' he repeated at every little unfortunate instance, evidence in the fact that there were no parking spots near the entrance and it had started to drizzle. He had to park behind the building, cursing loudly and drawing attention from passersby. But he still got out of the car, opened the door for his patient and loving girlfriend, and gave you his jacket to throw over your fancy dress so it wouldn't get too wet. He mumbled about it the entire walk around the building, though, hands buried in his pockets as his pinkish-purple shirt was spattered with little water droplets because you were 'too-a stupid to bring your own-a damn coat.' You couldn't help but smirk.

When you got into the safety of the lobby, you two stopped near the entrance. You shrugged off his jacket and handed it back to him, smoothing out your flowing (COLOR) dress, as he glanced around nervously.

"What's wrong?" You asked him. He scowled at you as he put his jacket on.

"This is all-a your fault," he whispered harshly. "I-a told you I did not-a want to come here, and now look at me! I'm all-a wet and my coat smells like girl! And if that-a stupid ass hat invited us, then he-a probably invited--"

"Little Romano!" Lovino groaned, his palm rushing to his face in exasperation. You, however, turned to smile at the happy Spaniard. "And the chica bonita!" Antonio exclaimed, grabbing you up by your waist and spinning you around like he did when you were younger. He put you down and you hugged him around the neck to keep from getting too dizzy, giggling. He held you out at arm's length, admiring your dress and how nicely you filled it out. "My, my, jou're turning out to be quite the dama pequeña atractiva, (Y/N)," he complimented. "Come here, chica, dame un beso," he chuckled, hands pawing at your hips as he nipped affectionately at your ear, making you blush and giggle harder. You would have pushed him away, but you knew he always played like this with you. Lovino knew that, too, but it didn't mean he had to like it.

"Hey, you filthy bastard! You keep-a your tomato-picking hands off of-a my girlfriend! You're not allowed to be-a calling her a sexy lady! Only I'm allowed to do that! Get away from her, you jerk!!" The angry Italian snatched you away from Antonio, holding you quick to his side, which you thought was rude - given you hadn't seen Antonio since you and Lovino moved out of his house the year before - and simultaneously, vaguely sexy. He was always that way with you, quick to get jealous, quick to be protective, quick to be possessive. You think that's why you've stayed with him for so many years, among a few other reasons.

"Aw, Lovi--"

"DON'T-A CALL ME THAT!" He quickly interrupted, shouting at the more carefree man as his face turned red.

"I was only kidding around! C'mon, I missed jou guys," Antonio said, throwing his arms over your and Lovino's shoulders, walking out of the lobby and further into the building. "Things are juss too quiet now that jou two moved out... No more yelling and naughty words, no more seeing the chica, no more cooking for the three of us instead of lonely old me... And jou know, I was thinking, shouldn't it be time for the lovely couple to have a few little bebés of their own?" Your breath caught in your throat, turning your cheeks red, but Lovino's scowl just intensified as he crossed his arms over his chest. "I mean, jou've been together since forever, and jou're both old enough to--"

"DON'T YOU DARE-A SAY IT!" Lovino interrupted, again.

"I was gonna' say be responsible parents, but whatever Lovino, jou little weirdo," Antonio finished, ruffling Lovi's hair, careful to stay away from his curl. He knew that it was your property, now, and didn't want to cause any trouble. "And I'd be there to help take care of mis sobrinos! I wouldn't mind having another little Romano or (Y/N) running around the house and eating all my food and making messes to keep me on my toes." He elbowed Lovino in the ribs, sensing that you were pretty much already on board.

Visions of Lovino when he was a boy flooded your memory, with his little signature scowl and tiny hands always balled into fists... Angry amber eyes and chocolatey hair, the defiant curl that ran in the Vargas family...

You wondered if you had a son, if he would look like that. Or if you had a daughter, if she would look like Feli had when he was little. Or maybe even you, with big, beautiful (E/C) eyes, soft (H/C) hair, and a cute little nose that you could kiss over and over while you held your little bundle of joy in your arms.

"It's-a none of your business what me and (Y/N) want to do with our-a lives, okay?! So stay out of it!"

Toni put his hands up in defense, backing off, but the conspiritory glint in his emerald green eyes told you he knew he'd done all he had to. "Fine, Lovi, I'll leave jou alone. It's good seeing you, chica," he said, making Lovino growl before he sauntered off into the crowd.

"Who does that-a bastard think he is, telling me a-what to do? I'll do whatever I want and damn well please, a-thank you very much!" His anger still not dissipated, he didn't notice the huge amount of people at Feli's exhibit. You did, however, instantly clinging to his arm for comfort and looking around at all the displays.

Beautiful oil pastels and painted canvases adorned the pale, cream-colored walls, marble statues stood proudly at careful intervals around the room. You walked together, holding his arm and admiring each work of art, listening to the delicate sounds of a familiar piano being played somewhere near as Lovino seethed. You passed a sprawling landscape of rolling hills in the Italian countryside, dotted with patches of wildflowers and sunlight. Next came a portrait of a small girl sitting at a window, her blonde hair decorated with a delicate blue ribbon, her glorious green eyes gazing out upon the strange world on the other side. There was a painting of a wicker basket holding tomatoes, sticks of uncooked pasta, and a clove of garlic, but the lighting was unique, dark but warm, like a fireplace was burning kindling nearby. The statues depicted things on different ends of the spectrum, from detailed Roman gladiators and the beasts that they faced, to cherubs and angels who held their arms high to the heavens, ready to catch the fallen, or hanging their heads as they solemnly wept. You smiled uncontrollably at the small, frivolous statue seen next to a potted plant. Feliciano had sculpted his kitty, Gino, into hard stone, but if it was painted the familiar tan and brown that coated his fur, then you could have mistaken it for the real thing.

Lovino was not as amazed and captivated as you, however, growling and rolling his eyes every time you gasped in surprise, 'awe'd or 'ooh'd or said anything resembling a 'wow'. With your rapt attention on every piece, you simply thought he was bored, having been to many of Feliciano's shows before. You had no idea that every time you complimented the work of his brother that it made him feel like he was lesser.

One wall was taken up entirely by a mural. Bright, boisterous neon colors swirled and spiraled into each other, where at the center they would burst into beautiful but simplistic flowers. It was breathtaking, and it only made sense that the artist would stand right in front of his biggest piece of work, receiving praise.

"Feli!" You shouted, releasing Lovino's arm and running to the smiling Italian as quickly as your heels would let you.

"Ve~ A-Bella! I'm-a so glad you could-a make it!" He said, opening his arms to you. You crashed into him, almost knocking the slight man over, but he could move mountains if it meant he got a hug. His arms wrapped tight around your waist as yours wrapped around his neck, both squeezing the life out of each other. This was another man you hadn't seen since leaving Antonio's house in Spain, which didn't make sense, as Feliciano was practically right around the corner, even closer than he was before!

"Oh, Feliciano, it feels so nice to see you," you said, pulling away but taking his hands in yours.

"Not as-a good as it is to see-a you, sorella! You look-a so very pretty, today!"

Like clockwork, Lovino was at your side again, snatching your hand away and pulling you back to his side. You glared at his indifferent face, but Feli was oblivious to the rude behavior of his brother.

"Ah, Romano! You look a-very pretty, too!"

"Shut up, you-a stupid idiot." You elbowed him in the ribs, silently warning him to be nice. He simply grimaced and looked away from you, his eyes focusing on something far away.

"(Y/N). Romano. It's good to see zhe two of you, again," Ludwig said from behind Feli, a slight smile on his face. You were so caught up in seeing your fratello that you completely bypassed those who stood with him.

"Kon'nichiwa, futatabi," said Kiku, as he bowed humbly. The Japanese man's Eastern propriety always made you feel a bit uncomfortable, but nice, so you did an awkward little half-curtsey for him in return.

"It's nice to see you guys, too! And it's really cool to see some of your art, Feli, this stuff is amazing!" You praised, earning a sheepish laugh from Veneziano and a disgusted grunt from Romano.

"Thank you, bella, but it's-a nothing amazing, just some a-stuff I do when I'm waiting for a-pasta to boil! In fact, I-a wanted to see if you would like to come to my-a after-party dinner! There's-a gonna be pasta, and a-pizza..."

"Sure! That sounds grea--"

"No." Lovino growled. You sent him a violent look, but Feliciano didn't notice.

"And-a Big Brother Francis is going to cook some, too!"

"No..." Lovino gasped, his face blanching and his hand gripping yours in a vice. It was no secret that the Frenchman scared the South Italian, being a 'creepy, a-pervted, cheesy-smelly-a-person.' Mr. Bonnefoy also had a bit of a thing for Little Romano while Antonio was caring for him. That made the fear much, much worse.

Speaking of worse, Francis seemed to appear out of thin air at the mention of his name. You could feel Lovino shaking in the fancy leather shoes on his feet. He was trying not to run, trying not to find a tomato to throw, trying to be a decent person, like you always encouraged him to be, but it was hard when debauchery personified was standing in front of him, wearing a flowery, pink cloak.

"Ah, but of course! Zere will be a beautiful feast prepared by Little Italy and my gorgeous self! And maybe I will be able to fix somezing especially sweet for ze amazingly sweet chéri," he said, his accent sounding as feminine and lilting as ever. He bowed and held out a hand to take yours, which you politely gave him despite Lovino subtly trying to pull you away. When Francis planted a soft kiss above your knuckle, your boyfriend angrily squeezed the hand he held. It hurt, but you decided not to voice it, settling on glaring at him once again.

"Thanks, Francis, but you shouldn't go out of your way just for me. Anything you make will be perfect, I'm sure," you admitted, smiling sweetly as you attempted to crush Lovino's big hand in yours out of revenge. You ignored the fact that your plan would be unsuccessful due to him being so much stronger and not as easily bruised.

"Ohonhon, vous mignonne petite chose! I refuse to make you anyzing less zan spectacular! You deserve somezing scrumptious to celebrate such beautiful news!"

"What news?" You asked eagerly, wanting to take part in said spectacular, scrumptious, beautiful celebration.

"Oh, no need to be so modest, mon chéri, pregnancy is a beautiful thing!"

... Wait... What?

A broad grin appeared on everyone's face, their eyes all widening in delight, while your jaw dropped and your face blushed wildly, along with Lovino's.

"Yay! A little bambino! Ve~ Just call me Zio Feliciano!" Feli cheered, jumping around like a kid given candies.

"Zhat ist wunderbar! Vhen ist zhe shower? I vill make a cake!"

"How fortunate. We must cerebrate, Miss (Y/N), this is grorious news."

All the while, Francis was laughing in joy, and you swore you could hear Antonio laughing in a distant part of the building. All you needed now was Ludwig's older brother, and the mischief would be obvious to everyone.

"Francis," you started, voice cracking in embarrassment, "w-what makes you think that... That I'm... Pregnant?" Instantly, your insecurities started to get the best of you, wrapping your hands around your middle, feeling for any extra pudge that had grown while you weren't looking. Lovino saw the way you covered yourself subconsciously and grew angry.

"You stupid jerk!" He yelled, rage bubbling up through his throat. He grabbed Francis by the collar and shook him, forgetting all fear and his own insecurities to protect you and your emotions. "You think it's-a okay to tell (Y/N) she looks a-prego? You're-a gonna make her think that she's-a fat!"

There it was. The dreaded F-word.

Living with Lovino had shown you that there were many more F-words than you had known about, but the worst one of all was 'fat.' You whimpered, hiding your red face in one hand, the other clutching at your dress.

"Non! Non! I-I would never mean it like zat! I just overheard ze two of you speaking wiz Antonio about ze subject, is all! I must have mizunderstood! I assumed--" Francis defended.

"Well, you a-know what they say, Francey-Pants! When you assume, you-a make an 'ass' of-a 'u' and-a 'me' and my-a girlfriend! You're-a gonna be in a world of hurt if you're not-a taking it back right-a now!" He shook him even harder, the blonde's shoulder-length hair swinging harshly back and forth. Just as the Frenchman was about to apologize for his presumptions, Feli frowned, sadly asking a single question.

"So... Bella's not-a pregnant?" He seemed so completely crestfallen at the idea, Kiku confused, and Ludwig disappointed. Francis still looked frightened, even though Lovi had stopped shaking him at the sound of his brother's voice.

With a fist full of pink cloak, he turned to face you, a sad, watery scowl on his face.

You moved your face from your fingers, looking around at the small crowd that had gathered with the commotion of your announced "pregnancy", Lovino's shouting, and the sight of weak Little Romano shaking sense into a man twice as powerful as him. You caught honey-gold eyes, and felt a small surge of courage despite everyone staring at you. While you shook your head, a few unsatisfied groans sounded from the audience.

"Aww! I was-a all excited, too!" Feli cried, and for some reason you felt like you let him down. "How am I-a gonna' be a zio if mio fratello and suo ragazza don't-a have any bambinos?!"

"I don't understand... Miss (Y/N) wourd make wonderfur mother, what's stopping them from having chirdren?" Kiku questioned. Insecurities deepened. What was stopping you?

"Nothing's a-stopping us from-a anything!" Lovino shouted, embarrassed at the public prodding. He shook a defiant fist at the nosey audience, releasing Francis, who instantly started to smooth out his frock. "Mind your damn a-business!"

"Maybe it's a fertility zhing..." Ludwig suggested, shrugging thoughtfully.

"Oh, yeah! I knew this one chick that had one of those!" Someone obnoxiously started from the crowd.

"Do not worry, (Y/N)! There is ancient Chinese remedy for that!" Yao added, waving his oversized sleeves.

"Do you 'appen to 'ave an ancient remedy for taking ze wrinkles out of cashmere?" Francis asked, in a huff about his cloak.

"You Frenchies just love whining about everything! Why don't you go on strike or something, I'm sure that'll fix your dress!" There goes that obnoxious voice again.

The piano had stopped playing at some point. "Vill you stop your incessant blabbering?! I am trying to create music over here!" You heard a familiar Austrian yell in irritation.

You heard voice after voice, some familiar, some not as comforting, all discussing your private life with Romano. Your face was a mix of red from embarrassment, and blue from lack of oxygen. You had stopped breathing, your entire being focused on what they were talking about. Babies and bonnets, pastel colors and plush animals, hearing small heartbeats and the thought of watching curious honey-gold eyes ran through your mind, taunting you. You felt your eyes water, and when you swiped at your face with the back of your wrist, trying to keep any tears from falling, Lovino was the first to notice.


He was livid, but when he looked to you, you couldn't believe what you saw. You had never seen that look before, that mix of empathetic pain and blind rage that tore through your soul. He rushed to your side and put his arms protectively around you, scowling at anyone who glanced your way and mumbling threats to those who thought now was a good time to try and apologize.

He led you away from the crowd, still growling at on-lookers, still holding you as tight as he could. He didn't let go until you reached the doors and noticed the rain had picked up.

"Shit," he cursed, the cogs in his mind turning quickly as to figure out what to do.

Without a second thought, he shrugged his jacket off again, wrapping it around your shoulders, and hoisted you off the ground with a surprised yelp in return. Your arms went around his neck as he lifted you and shifted your body into a comfortable position. "Hold on a-tight..."

You gasped as he burst out of the door, the both of you being pelted with fat drops of cold rain. They instantly soaked you to the bone, freezing you from the inside out. He carried you all the way around the building, running to the car, and as he cursed and panted, you watched his hair and shirt become darkened by wetness, slicked and clinging to his skin like you clung to his neck. You listened to his fancy shoes squeaking as he ran, you heard his labored, raspy breathing. You felt wet droplets slide down your neck, spatter the bared skin of your legs with chills and gooseflesh, but the cold was overpowered by the warmth of his jacket, the heat that emanated from Lovino himself.

You didn't think you could be any more in love with him than you were at that exact moment.

He slowed down when the car came into view, trying to balance you with one arm while he fished in his pocket for keys. He brought them out and quickly started pushing buttons, re-locking the car and setting off the panic alarm twice before finally getting it to open. He opened your door first, shoving you into your seat, and instead of going around to his own door, he jumped in after you.

"Lovi!" You squealed, giggling as he climbed over your lap to the driver's side.

"Sorry," he groaned, plopping down in his seat, closing his eyes as he tried to catch his breath. You shut your door with a hard slam, blocking out the rain and the showering noise that came with it. Noticing your hair was dripping, that raindrops had gathered on your eyelashes, you realized you had been too busy watching Lovino to see yourself getting soaked.

You brushed your hair away from your face and tried to wipe some of the water off your freezing legs, kicking off your heels that now held little pools in them. You didn't know your teeth were chattering until Lovino reached over and stilled your trembling jaw with a knuckle to your chin, catching your attention.

That look of pain and anger had lessened, replaced with concern and crushing love. Wiping your eyes and sniffling quickly, you were able to look back at him with contented peace in your eyes, telling him that you weren't so close to crying anymore.

"Mi dispiace, (Y/N)... If I would-a have known that everyone was a-going to be idioti today, I woulda made you stay-a home," he apologized quietly. He stroked your cheek with his thumb, moving a damp strand of hair away from where it had plastered itself to your temple.

"It's okay, Lovino. It wasn't your fault everyone was idioti," you said, mimicking him and giggling at the weird look he gave your impression of his voice. "I'm sorry I dragged you here when you didn't even want to come in the first place."

"I will-a never want to go to my-a stupido fratello's art shows, but I will-a never have a problem doing things with-a you, mio amore," he said, smiling, dropping his hand to your lap and squeezing your thigh in reassurance.

You smiled back at him. "Te amo, Lovino." He gave you that weird look, again. "What?"

"It's 'ti' amo. 'Ti', not 'te'. That's Spanish, you-a goofy ragazza."


He shook his head at you. "You spend-a too much time with the tomato bastard."

"Well, I was close wasn't I? Don't they mean the same thing?!" You asked, giggling at his exasperated expression.

He scoffed and you bit your lip to stifle your laughter, bringing your legs underneath of you and turning in your seat to face him, holding his hand between the both of yours. He made a show of ignoring you. Smiling to yourself, you were happy to play with his fingers until he snatched his hand away from you. When you huffed, he glanced at your displeased face, and when he saw your cheeks puffed out and your arms crossed over your chest like a little girl, he couldn't help himself.

"Bésame, mala chica." He chuckled as you leaned forward and kissed him softly on the lips.

At first the kiss was gentle, light and feathery, but what was soon just an innocent response to his joking turned into something more loving and tender. Your mouths formed together easily, perfected by years of practicing when Antonio was busy out in his tomato fields, and your hands had found their way to his face while his snaked their way to your hips, your waist, smoothing over the skin on your legs. You don't know how long you stayed like that, but when you had finally separated, neither of you were cold, anymore.

"Let's get home and-a change outta these wet clothes, huh?" He suggested, squeezing your thigh again. When you nodded and turned to sit properly in your seat, he put the keys in the ignition and started the engine.

Shaking out his wet hair and turning around so he could back out of the parking spot, you were on your way to the home you shared with your wonderful Lovino, who could be pissed beyond belief, but would always have time to let you know he loved you.
~Part 1: You Are Here~
Part 2: Here (Lemon)

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they don't think your fat ^_^ just preggers!
you ARE with an Italian, after all, it is kind of expected...
NinjaNekoAru Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2013  Student General Artist
I don't always comment on things, but when I do... god that was awesome! I loved the misunderstanding. XD
ThatOneChickDeanna Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Ve~ Gratzie! :iconlalalaplz:
MonteDeNeko300 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
ThatOneChickDeanna Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
MonteDeNeko300 Featured By Owner May 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This was cute xD
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